Cannabis Clubs

Cannabis Social Clubs

are legal associations of cannabis consumers, who organize the professional collective cultivation of a limited amount of cannabis that is enough in order to satisfy their personal needs.

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Cultivation and transportation take place in a controlled way, which can be monitored by authorities. In principle, no trade in cannabis does have to take place.
Today, Cannabis Social Clubs operate in Spain and Belgium. But also in other countries, they could be be established.

All depending on the legislation and political practice in the various countries, the members can obtain the harvest of the plantation and take it home, or the harvest can be brought to a location where cannabis consumption by the members can take place.

By allowing adults to cultivate and provide themselves with cannabis, the market will become more transparent. More healthy and environmentally friendly methods will be used to grow cannabis. The illegal trade in cannabis will diminish, so will the problems related to this illegal trade (increasing strength, high prices, sale to minors etc.).

European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD), formed by 145 member organizations from more than 20 European countries, will elaborate a proposal to tolerate the existence of Cannabis Social Clubs in the European Union. This proposal will be presented to European Union authorities in November 2006, at a conference that will take place in the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Cannabis Clubs worldwide are a logical follow up on ENCODs Freedom to Farm campaign, aimed at establishing a minimal norm of tolerance towards the cultivation of cannabis and other plants for personal consumption, in order to give consumers an alternative to the illegal market.

Europe is a place where a truly new concept of drug policy, based on the evidence that is collected from the daily reality on the streets, could be developed. This new concept should be more just and effective, in taking into account the health and safety of the millions of people who are daily affected by the drug issue in Europe, as well as in tackling the roots of (un-) organized crime related to drugs and global social diseases like terrorism, corruption and money laundering.

Therefore, one of the fundamental questions that will decide the future dialogue process with European civil society on the drug issue is the accessibility to this process for all EU citizens who experience this daily reality. Taking into account the experiences of the past, it is crucial to ensure the transparency and bottom-up approach of this process, especially concerning the criteria of admission for participants to the concrete instruments of the dialogue process.

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